Girls Season 3 Premiere Live Blog

Last night was the season 3 premiere HBO’s Girls. Last season I tried to blog about every episode and I failed miserably. This season though I am going to live blog what I’m thinking during the episodes. And let’s be honest, I’m probably not going to do every episode but at least I did the first two!

Episode 1: Females Only

0:50 – oh no Shosh, and with the roommate still in the room too. don’t you have your own apartment?? sigh, this is just the beginning of your trashy downward spiral this season.

2:45 – Natalia, honey, I know you’re traumatized from having weird sex with Adam but your friend is worrying me.

4:45 – LOL Ray is enjoying this so much in the background.

4:50 – bahahah oh no! Adam ruined Natalia’s blow out! lolz I hope she didn’t go to Dry Bar, but she probably did. I’m not gonna lie, I would be pissed too if my $40 blow out was uselessly wasted like that.

5:02 – yo, if someone told me I “won’t get any milk out of those tits” I think I would legit cry. that was a real low blow Natalia, you are quite scorned former lover aren’t you?

7:29 – Sosh you are amazing, never change. we’ve all slept in a library once or twice in our lives.

8:45 – Is that Tastee from Orange is the New Black in rehab with Jessa?! That’s my girl! I hope she gets a couple episodes.

10:15 – lol! Fred with a Ph.. so Phred lmao the next celeb baby boy born will be named Phred. #beeleedat

12:22 – you couldn’t tell that cup was chocolate? I mean didn’t it taste like… chocolate?

15:05 – hmm.. whinny. isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. all any of these girls do is whine.

15:59 – that’s what you get for messing with Tastee! coffee in yo face!

17:05 – “I’m not interested in anything they have to say either. That’s not the point of friendship.” Hannah might have a point here, sometimes I don’t care what my friends have to say either. lol should I be admitting that right now? probably not.

21:20 – noooo Tastee don’t fall for Jessa’s trap! she’s all trouble!

23:20 – umm it makes sense on this planet where you, Marnie, are like the most unbearable person ever.

26:20 – is it a requirement that in every season premier Hannah must be having sex so that Lena Dunham can show the world her boobs again? it has to be in her contract with HBO.

26:50 – who doesn’t know you have to be 25 to rent a car?  c’mon Hannah that’s like a major age marker. or maybe that is only useful information for people that live in cities where people actually drive cars.

Episode 2: Truth or Dare

1:00 – haha! I’m sure if you trapped any guy in a car with me and my friends they would try to smash the radio or throw the iPod out the window. I feel you Adam, I feel you.

2:33 – oh yea, I too, sometimes too awkwardly use song lyrics philosophically in real life. maybe I understand Adam more than I thought.

4:44 – don’t you love when people say they aren’t hungry but then order half the menu. it’s like the greatest fake diet.

5:53 – aren’t we all life addicts Hannah?

6:59 – Adam looks like he is going to drive them all off a bridge just so Hannah and Sosh stop talking

8:29 – seriously I just made the same face as hannah and Sosh. who has never played true or dare, Adam?

10:25 – umm… yea jk I don’t understand adam at all. but Sosh should understand him wasn’t she just having sex on the top bunk in a dorm room last episode

12:44 – Ryan Philleppe has an autobiography?! what?? someone send me a copy!

14:37 – uh oh is this when adam kills them all cuz they talk too much?? oh, no, he just wants hike on the side of the road in the middle of a road trip. that’s completely normal.

15:36 – next time my friend wants to go hiking I’m going to tell her that “she can go live her truth and i’ll live mine” which would be on a tree stump while she hikes

20:20 – yeaaaa… if I drove 2 days to pick you up in the middle of nowhere and then I find out there is an airport I would probably just leave you there.

20:25 – Adam is seriously going to drive them straight into a tree cuz the airport would’ve involved much less torture.

22:50 – Adam is so nice yet still so strange. I want to understand you Adam. I’m trying, help me out.

27:10 – oh shit!!!!! there’s a new Game of Thrones trailer!!

27:16 – ughh I can’t wait till someone stabs Joffery in his throat and rips out his squeaking vocal cords.

28:30- Game of Thrones April 6th.

Why is Game of Thrones so painful?

About a month ago the internet was a buzz about the latest episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, but unlike the previous 8 Sundays this was more than just a murmur, this was a collective roar of heart broken tears all over my timeline. I felt left out and lonely because I had no idea what everyone was talking about. I guess you could say I was a wildling on the north side of the wall. I’ve been debating about watching this show for two seasons now but this was it, I had to start now I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. So 6 days, 29 episodes, 1 wedding, and countless tears later I found out what everyone was talking about. Granted I binge watched all three seasons, so while I didn’t spend three years getting to know the characters it was still one of the saddest tv moments for me. I don’t think I have ever been so heart broken and this is coming from a girl who has watched four seasons of Parenthood. Now, a month later every Game of Thrones reference I see is like picking at the scab of a cut that won’t heal. The Rains of Castamere is the soundtrack that haunts my memories. The only thing that gives me solace is that a book reader has already informed me that winter is coming and that a Lannister always pays their debts.

Girls Season 2, Episodes 3-5

Let’s just pretend that I actually blogged about each of theses episodes every week that they came out, and not all at once, 3 weeks late. I mean, I won’t tell if you don’t tell. Deal? Deal.

Episode 3: Bad Friend

We all knew that Hannah and Elijah’s new living arrangement wasn’t going to last long, but I didn’t think it was going to end after a cocaine induced confession from Elijah about his sexual tryst with Marnie. In this competition between Marnie and Hannah to see who is the worst friend the score is now 1-1. Hannah used Marnie’s feelings about falling out of love with Charlie as writing material. Marnie had sex with Hannah’s ex-turned-gay-roomie-but-now-could-be-bisexual Elijah. That seems like a fair trade. But I’m giving Marnie a good friend point for being the only to question Hannah’s mesh-tank-top-sans-bra outfit. Really though high or not, how could she walk through a drug store looking like that?! Updated bad friend score, Marnie 0, Hannah 1.

On another note, Booth Jonathan is a certified weirdo. I would’ve cried if it was me locked up in that television thing with the True Blood opening credits running on loop. So note to self, never crawl into some strange television contraption being portrayed as art, by a man with two names who still uses AOL. I gotta give it to Marnie though, she handled all that like a G from the t.v. art to the super awkward stare-at-the-doll-and-tell-me-how-she-feels sex. This just felt like too much forced randomness for me. Personally, the crack episode > the cocaine episode.

Favorite line: Well you know what? Maybe I don’t care about being polite, okay? Cuz it’s a Wednesday night baby *slaps chest* and I’m alive!

Episode 4: It’s a Shame About Ray

Let me start by asking, are TJ’s (I’m calling Thomas-John TJ from now on) dad and I the only ones that totally hate it when restaurants won’t seat you until your whole party is there? Like 50% of my 4 person party is here, SHOW US TO OUR TABLE. Besides the seating policy, did you notice the A-1 sauce on the table in the steakhouse? I’m not paying $200 for this meal to use A-1! As far as real plot points go, Jessa was a heroin addict?! umm.. WHAT! And apparently heroin is delicious as long as you only snort it and not shoot it. Let’s hope she was just saying this to get under her mother-in-law’s skin. Speaking of skin, maybe Jessa should invest in a good face cream if she is going to look 50 when she is 30. I’m just saying, if that’s what life experience looks like, maybe I’ll just stay in my room and watch the free sprits live on t.v., so I can look 30 when I’m 30 (which actually isn’t that far away).

Okay, dinner numero dos! Marnie, is it strange that the word butthole freaks you out? Yes. Is it not strange that you showed up to a dinner at best friend’s apartment? No. So, stand your ground with that headband wearing, mustard making, jealous psycho, Audrey. And geez, Hannah way to take Audrey’s side,  just because Marnie doesn’t think about Charlie’s butthole. Updated bad friend score Marnie 0, Hannah 2. I don’t want to talk about this too long but, sheesh Ray, 33 with no passions, no house, and scamming your way into living with your 21-year-old girlfriend. That’s a rough road, that unfortunately probably isn’t less traveled.

Don’t you love singing in the shower/bath tub when you think you’re home alone? I love it! Let’s sing together.. ready?!

And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I would like to say to you
But I don’t know how

Because maybe
You’re gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You’re my wonderwall

Big ups to 90’s alternative bands! You all still rock on in small section of my heart. Hannah though, I am way more concerned that you are sharing cold bath water with your friend, that you may or may not have already peed in, than I am about Jessa’s snot rocket. To each their own I guess.

Favorite line: Jessa – “Eww. I hate when people are early, it’s so vile.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

Episode 5: One Man’s Trash

Hmph.. I don’t even know what to say about this episode, but it is everything great about Girls and everything that is wrong with Girls, all wrapped in one 30 minute episode. Hannah’s idea to apologize to a man for using his trash can seemed strangely noble for her, until she kissed him. That’s the moment I knew this was going to get weird and there was no coming back. Are we really supposed to believe that a 42-year-old doctor is having that hard of a time getting laid, that he is forced to sleep with a random 24-year-old girl that showed up at his door step, to apologize for using his trash can? Maybe he has such a hard time getting laid because he is too worried about people calling him Joshua and not Josh. Anyways, Hannah got to spend 2 days eating steak, playing topless ping pong, and seeing how responsible adults live. The fairytale sex venture came to a conclusion when she stayed in the hot steam shower until she fainted (I think on purpose). For a brief moment, when Hannah begins to cry, you think she might have reached some point of self-realization that is going to change the direction of her character, but no this didn’t change her at all. She is still so unbelievably self-absorbed that she says things like “if anything I’m just too smart and too sensitive and too not crazy. So I’m just feeling all these things for everybody else”. Maybe, just maybe if you weren’t so busy trying to have all these experiences you could actually feel something real. Hannah and Jessa probably made a promise to each other, a long time ago in a bathtub, that they would have as many experiences as they possible could.  In their separate quests for life experiences, both of them have been caught up in accomplishing all the experiences of life, but neither of them have been fixated on having experiences that speak to their souls or reshape their philosophical beliefs.

I like the episodes totally focused on one person but this one left me with a ton of questions like: does Hannah even own a bra? honestly, has anyone ever seen a bra in her close vicinity? Someone buy this girl a bra! Other questions I have are: why would a 42-year-old man beg a woman, who refuses to call you by the name of your choice, to stay the night? or how long does one have to stay in a sauna to actually lose consciousness? and why didn’t she just get out of the shower? These questions need answers, let me know if you have them.

Oh, if you haven’t seen Patrick Wilson in Hard Candy make it a point to see it soon.

Also, I know that this doesn’t include tonight’s episode, but I figured you would be tried of reading by now. Plus, I haven’t watched it yet. *sigh*

Girls Season 2, Episode 2: I Get Ideas

I had two revelations when I watched this episode. The first is that I can actually sympathize with some of Marnie’s problems. Since she’s recently unemployed, she is now looking for work that is both meaningful and enjoyable but still pays her enough so she can pay rent and not be miserable. After a bad interview experience, she decides to accept a job as a hostess, which won’t be fulfilling as a career but will give her a chance to buy her happiness. What former college student can’t understand her situation? That feeling of being forced to choose between your ideals/dreams and your need for money is one of the most universal things that almost anyone can understand. It is the feeling that defines the 20’s of this generation. I feel bad for her, but I’m not optimistic about how long my sympathy will last.

The second revelation is that maybe republicans aren’t so bad. Hannah and Sandy (Donald Glover) got into an argument this week about Sandy’s political beliefs that turned into an argument about race. For as much flack as Lena Dunham got last season for not having more diversity in the show, I think she handled race issues great in this episode. The argument felt so much like previous conversations I have had. It’s all about us being in a post-racial world where people don’t see color. Of course, that’s usually not the case. We have all been there either as the person saying that we have moved past race issues, or as the person saying race issues still exist but don’t control me.  More important than the race issues, I wonder can you date someone with different political opinions. I mean I can respect that Sandy is a republican and is entitled to his own views but I’m not dating him. I’m curious to see if Hannah can date him and respect his views at the same time.

Favorite line of the night: You don’t need two republicans to make a republican. Yea, they’re like terrorists you don’t need two terrorists to make a terrorist.

Fun Fact about Marnie’s interview scene is that Lena Dunham’s mother is the woman that interviews Marnie. Check it out in this video:

Girls Season 2 Premiere

This weekend I watched season 1 of Girls again so I would be fully ready for the season 2 premiere on Sunday. What I realized in watching it again was that I actually really enjoyed season 1 and that I can’t wait to see the progress and growth in the writing for season 2 (Spoilers). While the writing may have progressed, the timeline in the story doesn’t seem to be much further along. It’s clearly not right after Jessa’s surprise wedding but it does seem to be a month or two in the future.  I did find it a little awkward that most of the characters are in very different places in their lives but you have no idea how they got there. I would’ve loved to watch Hannah go from being completely obsessed with Adam to now sleeping with Donald Glover’s character. Can we detour for a second so I can mention how much I love Donald Glover? Someone please tell me he is going to be on the show for at least half the season. Seriously, I am a total fan of everything he does comedy, acting, and rapping. I especially love when he does two or more of them at the same time! Okay, back to to Girls. Although nothing else has changed much for Hannah, she still has a live-in best friend that she spoons with at night, she’s still a bad friend to Marnie, and most importantly she’s still completely self-absorbed. It’s so easy for me to hate Hannah but I love watching the train wreck that is her life.

Marine is another character that I love to hate. The greatest thing about Marnie is her ability to guzzle white wines when she’s in socially awkward situations. This time it was another conversation with her ex-bofriend, Charlie, who she couldn’t wait to get rid of but can’t stand to see go, that has her searching for the bottom of a wine glass. However, I did love the irony in the use of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems as background music for this scene with Marnie and Charlie *hand clap* (when does an HBO show ever not have great music). Marnie’s life is in a sorta downward spiral now, so much so that she attempted to have sex with a gay man that slapped her in the face last season. I’m sure there will be plenty of tears and empty wine glasses in store for Marnie and I’m also pretty sure I will hate her character even more by the end of the season. Anyways, enough about the annoying characters, the one great character on this show is Shoshanna. I just love how unbelievably awkward she is and how she talks at lighting speed while using every acronym possible. I am highly disappointed that they skipped the drama between her and Ray post-deflowering. I’m still excited though to see where their relationship is going next.

Regardless of the small disappointments this was a solid season premiere. It looks like there will be some great story lines that will go in a completely different direction than last season. And let’s all cross our fingers that Donald Glover’s character never goes away! Like how mind-blowingly awesome would it be if his character sang So Fly for Hannah?! Okay, okay I know I’m getting carried away, but I can dream, can’t I?

New Shows to Watch in 2012

It’s a new year and I’ve got 2 new shows that I suggest you check out.

NBC’s The Firm premiered Sunday night with back-to-back episodes. I’m not the biggest fan of 2-hour TV episodes but this one was pretty good, plus I DVR’d it so I could skip the commercials! It’s a little confusing in the beginning but if you stick it out it gets super intense. So if you got 90 minutes to spare check it out below and you can watch episode 3, in its regular time slot, this Thursday at 10 pm on NBC.