Girls Season 3 Premiere Live Blog

Last night was the season 3 premiere HBO’s Girls. Last season I tried to blog about every episode and I failed miserably. This season though I am going to live blog what I’m thinking during the episodes. And let’s be honest, I’m probably not going to do every episode but at least I did the first two!

Episode 1: Females Only

0:50 – oh no Shosh, and with the roommate still in the room too. don’t you have your own apartment?? sigh, this is just the beginning of your trashy downward spiral this season.

2:45 – Natalia, honey, I know you’re traumatized from having weird sex with Adam but your friend is worrying me.

4:45 – LOL Ray is enjoying this so much in the background.

4:50 – bahahah oh no! Adam ruined Natalia’s blow out! lolz I hope she didn’t go to Dry Bar, but she probably did. I’m not gonna lie, I would be pissed too if my $40 blow out was uselessly wasted like that.

5:02 – yo, if someone told me I “won’t get any milk out of those tits” I think I would legit cry. that was a real low blow Natalia, you are quite scorned former lover aren’t you?

7:29 – Sosh you are amazing, never change. we’ve all slept in a library once or twice in our lives.

8:45 – Is that Tastee from Orange is the New Black in rehab with Jessa?! That’s my girl! I hope she gets a couple episodes.

10:15 – lol! Fred with a Ph.. so Phred lmao the next celeb baby boy born will be named Phred. #beeleedat

12:22 – you couldn’t tell that cup was chocolate? I mean didn’t it taste like… chocolate?

15:05 – hmm.. whinny. isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. all any of these girls do is whine.

15:59 – that’s what you get for messing with Tastee! coffee in yo face!

17:05 – “I’m not interested in anything they have to say either. That’s not the point of friendship.” Hannah might have a point here, sometimes I don’t care what my friends have to say either. lol should I be admitting that right now? probably not.

21:20 – noooo Tastee don’t fall for Jessa’s trap! she’s all trouble!

23:20 – umm it makes sense on this planet where you, Marnie, are like the most unbearable person ever.

26:20 – is it a requirement that in every season premier Hannah must be having sex so that Lena Dunham can show the world her boobs again? it has to be in her contract with HBO.

26:50 – who doesn’t know you have to be 25 to rent a car?  c’mon Hannah that’s like a major age marker. or maybe that is only useful information for people that live in cities where people actually drive cars.

Episode 2: Truth or Dare

1:00 – haha! I’m sure if you trapped any guy in a car with me and my friends they would try to smash the radio or throw the iPod out the window. I feel you Adam, I feel you.

2:33 – oh yea, I too, sometimes too awkwardly use song lyrics philosophically in real life. maybe I understand Adam more than I thought.

4:44 – don’t you love when people say they aren’t hungry but then order half the menu. it’s like the greatest fake diet.

5:53 – aren’t we all life addicts Hannah?

6:59 – Adam looks like he is going to drive them all off a bridge just so Hannah and Sosh stop talking

8:29 – seriously I just made the same face as hannah and Sosh. who has never played true or dare, Adam?

10:25 – umm… yea jk I don’t understand adam at all. but Sosh should understand him wasn’t she just having sex on the top bunk in a dorm room last episode

12:44 – Ryan Philleppe has an autobiography?! what?? someone send me a copy!

14:37 – uh oh is this when adam kills them all cuz they talk too much?? oh, no, he just wants hike on the side of the road in the middle of a road trip. that’s completely normal.

15:36 – next time my friend wants to go hiking I’m going to tell her that “she can go live her truth and i’ll live mine” which would be on a tree stump while she hikes

20:20 – yeaaaa… if I drove 2 days to pick you up in the middle of nowhere and then I find out there is an airport I would probably just leave you there.

20:25 – Adam is seriously going to drive them straight into a tree cuz the airport would’ve involved much less torture.

22:50 – Adam is so nice yet still so strange. I want to understand you Adam. I’m trying, help me out.

27:10 – oh shit!!!!! there’s a new Game of Thrones trailer!!

27:16 – ughh I can’t wait till someone stabs Joffery in his throat and rips out his squeaking vocal cords.

28:30- Game of Thrones April 6th.

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