Girls Season 2 Premiere

This weekend I watched season 1 of Girls again so I would be fully ready for the season 2 premiere on Sunday. What I realized in watching it again was that I actually really enjoyed season 1 and that I can’t wait to see the progress and growth in the writing for season 2 (Spoilers). While the writing may have progressed, the timeline in the story doesn’t seem to be much further along. It’s clearly not right after Jessa’s surprise wedding but it does seem to be a month or two in the future.  I did find it a little awkward that most of the characters are in very different places in their lives but you have no idea how they got there. I would’ve loved to watch Hannah go from being completely obsessed with Adam to now sleeping with Donald Glover’s character. Can we detour for a second so I can mention how much I love Donald Glover? Someone please tell me he is going to be on the show for at least half the season. Seriously, I am a total fan of everything he does comedy, acting, and rapping. I especially love when he does two or more of them at the same time! Okay, back to to Girls. Although nothing else has changed much for Hannah, she still has a live-in best friend that she spoons with at night, she’s still a bad friend to Marnie, and most importantly she’s still completely self-absorbed. It’s so easy for me to hate Hannah but I love watching the train wreck that is her life.

Marine is another character that I love to hate. The greatest thing about Marnie is her ability to guzzle white wines when she’s in socially awkward situations. This time it was another conversation with her ex-bofriend, Charlie, who she couldn’t wait to get rid of but can’t stand to see go, that has her searching for the bottom of a wine glass. However, I did love the irony in the use of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems as background music for this scene with Marnie and Charlie *hand clap* (when does an HBO show ever not have great music). Marnie’s life is in a sorta downward spiral now, so much so that she attempted to have sex with a gay man that slapped her in the face last season. I’m sure there will be plenty of tears and empty wine glasses in store for Marnie and I’m also pretty sure I will hate her character even more by the end of the season. Anyways, enough about the annoying characters, the one great character on this show is Shoshanna. I just love how unbelievably awkward she is and how she talks at lighting speed while using every acronym possible. I am highly disappointed that they skipped the drama between her and Ray post-deflowering. I’m still excited though to see where their relationship is going next.

Regardless of the small disappointments this was a solid season premiere. It looks like there will be some great story lines that will go in a completely different direction than last season. And let’s all cross our fingers that Donald Glover’s character never goes away! Like how mind-blowingly awesome would it be if his character sang So Fly for Hannah?! Okay, okay I know I’m getting carried away, but I can dream, can’t I?

One thought on “Girls Season 2 Premiere

  1. “Marnie’s life is in a sorta downward spiral now, so much so that she attempted to have sex with a gay man that slapped her in the face last season.” This had my dying, hahahaha…and yes I love love love Mr. Glover aka C. Gambino. I too wonder where the heck he came from? I heard he’d be on for at least four eps…but I’m no HBO insider. Oh and I appreciate the fact that they played Solange’s “Losing You” in the background during one scene of the housewarming 🙂

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