Obama Campaign Taking Social Media to New Heights

I read an article today that said President Barack Obama now has a Foursquare so that he can check in throughout his current bus tour. This really got me to thinking about how influential social media is going to be on the next election. I think what has made Obama so great is his ability to identify with the younger demographic (a little biased opinion since I fit the demographic). His campaign is definitely taking the steps necessary to ensure that Obama will have deep roots in various social networking site before the election rolls around. I think this is great for his campaign since so many young people are involved in social networking some way or another. With social networking setting up to become a battle ground in politics this coming election the fact that the Obama campaign is taking this seriously says to me that they are definitely not read to move out of the White House just yet. We will see just how important social media is in the coming months. I’m excited to see how this all folds out and I hope all of you are as well.


“Success is a journey, not a destination.”